Although you may not realise it, the interest in interior design has exploded over the last few years. Much of this can be attributed to the level of media attention that has been paid to domestic residences. For those of you that have not had prior experience with luxury interior designers in the past, it is important to recognise that some of these companies specialise in different areas. As luxury interior designers in Surrey, The L&C Company are pleased to be able to offer some insight into the rooms that typically garner the most attention.

Living Rooms

As the room which is often regarded to be the heart of the home, it should come as no surprise that the living room receives the majority of the attention from interior designers. Part of this is because of the number of factors and features which need to be looked at. From furniture designs to carpet colours, decorative artwork to ornament styles – the list is seemingly endless. However, the time spent will be worthwhile, as this is where you will no-doubt spend long periods of your day.


When the time comes to put your head to the pillow, it is understandable that you wish to do so in a room that is stylish, and has an air of serenity to it. As such, award-winning luxury interior designers in Surrey will often want to divert much of their attention to the bedroom. Firstly, they will look to create a layout that is harmonious and balanced. Following this, they will try to source a bed design that is both comfortable and visually pleasing. There are numerous things to take into consideration, hence the close attention to detail.


The moment that you walk into a modern property, it will immediately become apparent that a lot of time and money has been invested in the creation of a top-of-the-range kitchen. Whilst preparing a meal, it is essential that the layout makes things as convenient as possible. Similarly, when you want to sit down with your family to eat, it should be in an environment that is pleasant. Any design firm that wants to be at the top of their respective field will be sure to not overlook this vital location.


In times gone by, this was certainly not the most glamorous location within residential interiors – instead, it was designed to be nothing more than functional. However, the interior design revolution has completely changed this. Now, some would argue this to be one fo the most essential rooms within the modern home. As such, interior designers typically try to incorporate natural materials as fluently as possible, as this can leave an aesthetic that is calming and beautiful.

Do You Have A Question?

Here at The L&C Company, we take great pride in being luxury Interior designers in Surrey creating luxury interiors – this not only relates to large-scale residential projects, but also those on a domestic level. For many years, we have had the privilege of working closely with a number of private clients, all of whom have enjoyed the first-class outcome that we have procured for them.

Our knowledge of interior architecture is second-to-none, and this is how we ensure that regardless of if it is private residences that we are overseeing, or family homes which require our attention, the results are always satisfactory. Should you wish to learn a little more about us as property developers, or wish to educate yourself on the processes involved in creating luxury interiors, you simply need to use one of the contact methods on our website to get in touch.

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