When you are searching for award-winning experts that have, time and again, proven themselves up to the challenge of overseeing interior architecture projects which result in first-class outcomes, you may be surprised to learn that there is an abundance from which to choose from. However, few are quite like The L&C Company. We take great pride in being somewhat different from the usual companies found in this industry. Below, we have taken the liberty in providing a comprehensive breakdown of what makes us an alternate, but correct, choice of investment.

Our Background

Part of what makes us unique is the way in which we first came into existence; rather than being a collaboration between investors and designers, we were founded by two friends that shared a mutual love for residential projects. Initially, we were simply commissioned by a property developer to help arrange and decorate one of their flagship showhouses. After that, however, it was clear that the mindset of our founders was enough to push forwards. Though certainly not conventional in this sense, our quirky origins are part of our charm.

Our Communal Spirit

Most people would agree that there are certain risks associated with a company being run by two close friends – namely, a fallout from personal lives can spill into, and subsequently hinder, the working world. However, this is something which has never happened at The L&C Company, and that is because of the passion that we all have for our work. When we have looked to grow, we have brought in like-minded individuals that thrive when completing design work, and live for this lifestyle.

Our Desire To Succeed

Despite the fact that we have been working for so long, our desire to continue producing stunning creations burns as brightly as ever. From the representatives in the design team to the management operatives that we have, we all work towards the common goal of achieving total satisfaction for our clients. This is something that certainly allows The L&C Company to stand out from the crowd.

Our Long-Standing Reputation

Whatever brief we get handed, we will always do what we can to ensure that the result is nothing short of exceptional. It is this drive and endeavour which has allowed us to become one of the foremost authorities and creative interior designers in the country. Much of the work that we do is repeat business, due to the fact that our clients love the finishing touches that we provide. If you are deliberating as to whether or not you wish to entrust The L&C Company with your project, we suggest taking a look at our Google Reviews. We are sure that these will shed some light as to why enlisting our help will be a positive investment.

Want To Find Out More?

As you can hopefully see, if you were to decide to work closely with us here at The L&C Company, you can expect to be treated to a wholly different experience to the one that is traditionally provided by London-based design firms. Unlike some of our competitors, we believe that each-and-every one of our clients deserves to have their own unique luxury interior, rather than an archetypal one that can be found anywhere.

Closing in on 20 years worth of experience, our proficiency in producing stunning residential interiors is simply continuing to improve, and you can be a part of this. If you call us today on 01932 576445, or write to us at design@thelandccompany.com, you can get the ball rolling on your own private residence.

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