Everyone is guilty of impulse buying on the odd-occasion; it is an inherent trait for most people. Whilst there is relatively little harm in doing so, there can be serious repercussions in the long-run. Namely, having a build-up of junk and other pieces of furniture which you simply have no real use for. Despite being difficult to admit, it may be time to part ways with some of these items. If you are unsure of what you can afford to get rid of, the interior architects here at The L&C Company can provide you with some much-needed counsel on the subject.

Home Desk

It is certainly true that if you are someone that does a lot of work at home, a desk is designated ‘essential’ status. However, for the vast majority of homes, these are simply used as a way in which to meet the need for an aesthetically-pleasing centrepiece for your study. As far as luxury interiors go, there are far more interesting and unique items that can replace these out-dated pieces of furniture. Interior designers up-and-down the country would tell you the same thing – say goodbye to your desk, and hello to a crop of usable space.

Entertainment Unit

In times gone by, television sets were some of the bulkiest things imaginable which, alongside DVD players and cable boxes, left you with a large amalgamation of electronic gadgets to house. From this necessity came the entertainment unit – although these could occasionally be stylish, there was no arguing their bulkiness. Thankfully, as technology has advanced, so too has a preference emerged for slim devices. Flatscreen TVs and in-built smart boxes means that no longer are you forced to put up with these monstrous pieces of furniture.

A Bookshelf

For some individuals, having a bookcase makes sense – this is due to the fact that they devour literature on an almost-daily basis, and need someone to store their endless supply of books. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of homes, the only function that is performed by a bookcase is either to hold clutter that you have no space for, or simply to lend beauty to an otherwise-desolate and tired room. Modern homes put a premium value on space; therefore, why not get rid of your oversized bookcase, and replace it with stylish wall-mounted shelves?

Any Old Children’s Furniture

We understand that these items can look extremely cute, especially when you have managed to persuade your little one to pose in the tiny wicker chair. However, aside from the excellent photoshoot, the likelihood that these pieces of furniture will sit gathering dust. You have to come to the realisation that your child will never want to sit in the artistic chairs – they are simply there for aesthetics purposes. Save yourself time, money, and space.

The L&C Company – How Can We Help?

As far as interior designers in Surrey go, few can boast the level of field-experience or specialist-industry knowledge that is on display here at The L&C Company. We have, over the years, worked with a number of private clients across the country, which has subsequently allowed us to adapt our skills. Our brand is recognised around the world, hence why we have been able to take on interior design projects as far afield as Dubai and the Channel Islands. To those individuals that would like to know more about what our interior design service entails, we ask that you use the information on our contact page to reach out.

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