There are many people in this world that consider themselves to have the skills necessary to act as a design team for their home’s interior. However, it is impossible to understand the level of thought and deliberation that takes place within luxury interior design studios, in order to achieve the finest results for private clients. As a company that specialises in high-end luxury interior design, you can be sure that the team here at The L&C Company are well-versed in understanding what it takes to create masterpieces. For anyone that would like to gain an understanding of the basic principles of interior design, so that they can utilise them in the future, we invite you to continue reading.


As the name suggests, this is a principle which revolves around the balancing of the room, and creating a sense of harmony. This entails ensuring that there is no object out of place, which would subsequently ruin the aesthetic equality running through the room. For those that are unaware, there are a number of different types of balance which you can look to achieve. If you would like to have a focal point around which your room revolves around, it is best to look into radial balance. Alternatively, if you are someone that appreciates order rather than chaos, it could be that asymmetrical balance will be more to your liking.


In any house that you go into, there is likely to be one object that stands out amongst the rest. Be it an item of furniture that is unique, or an accessory fixed to a wall that you cannot take your eye off – it is important to note that this is deliberate. Those who are renowned for creating spaces that captivate attention, understand that this is part of the emphasis principle of interior design. Particularly prevalent in contemporary interiors, one excellent way in which to achieve this effect is by injecting a single element of colour into a minimalistically decorated room.


Should you be looking to create a residential interior that looks straight out of a design firm’s brochure, the repetition principle is arguably most suited to you. A confused and disordered mismatch of furniture, colours, accessories – these are all things which do not represent an aesthetically pleasing home. By using a concurrent colour scheme throughout your home, or even having a common carpet style in every room, can bring about an atmosphere of beauty.


There are some that argue this to be one of the most basic and simplistic pillars of the interior design principles; nevertheless, its effectiveness is something which cannot be debated. In essence, this is a principle which involves ensuring that all furniture and additional items are proportionally appropriate for the room in question. When designing the interior of your bedroom, for example, it is wise to choose relatively small pieces of furniture (with the bed being exempt). This is due to the calming effect that you want to achieve within a room designed for rest and relaxation.

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