For many homeowners, using prints and patterns is something they leave to professional high-end interior design companies and when decorating their own home they wouldn’t even know where to start in this regard. This often leads to them being completely overlooked in fear of ‘getting it wrong’. Of course, it is important to note that there are numerous benefits to using prints and patterns though, so they really shouldn’t be avoided altogether, especially if you’re specifically wanting to bring some personality and life into a room.

In order to help anyone looking to introduce some prints and patterns into their own home’s interior design, our team here at The L&C Company have put together some simple helpful tips. As a high-end interior design company, you can trust that these tips will work in all styles of interior design and no matter what trends you’re interested in, there is a way that you can add print and pattern into your home.

Decide on a dominant colour

One of the best ways to prevent mixing prints and patterns from looking messy and random is to ensure that everything you’re using has the same dominant colour. This is how high-end interior design companies ensure that the prints and patterns they use don’t look out of place. For example, if you have a neutral colour palette throughout your home, be sure to choose prints and patterns that have neutral colours at their base and then accent colours as highlights.

Start with accessories

For many people that aren’t confident using prints and patterns in interior design, the best place to start is with accessories. Adding accent colours and some personality through things like your cushions, ornaments and throws can actually be quite easy. Then when you feel comfortable with these smaller accessories you can move to bigger features, such as chair covers, curtains and rugs. Just remember to bear in mind everything above about colours when doing so.

Make sure you balance the room

Whenever using print and pattern, you will notice that high-end interior design companies are careful with where they place these eye-catching fabrics. The key is to ensure that you’re balancing the room and spreading pattern around, this will prevent particular parts of the interior for standing out for the wrong reasons. By balancing the room, you will also be thinking about the whole overall look rather than just specific areas of the design.

Each room can be different

If you’re adding print and pattern to more than one room in your home, don’t feel as though you need to stick to the same prints and patterns throughout. A general rule with prints and patterns is that they need to be in line with the size of the room. For example, if you have a large living room, you will want to use bigger prints or patterns than you would use in a smaller bedroom. So, ensure that you’re tailoring your choice to each specific room.

Introducing prints and patterns into your home’s interior

All in all, it is clear to see that introducing prints and patterns into your home doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it may seem and there are so many brilliant ways you can bring your interior design to life. Of course, as soon as you’ve got the hang of the basics, you can really start to experiment more with prints and patterns and before you know it, they will become an integral part of your home’s interior design.

If you’d prefer to work alongside a high-end interior design company when redecorating your home so you know that prints and patterns will be introduced in the best possible way, our team here at The L&C Company are the perfect people to contact. You can view our portfolio of work today to see how we have previously included prints and patterns into designs and to get a feel for the interiors we have worked on in the past. All of our work reflects our client’s personal wishes and you can trust that we will work closely with you to ensure the design is everything you’d hoped for. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to find out more.

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