Creating an effective and aesthetically-pleasing interior can be a design project which keeps some individuals occupied for years – they become racked with doubt regarding if they have chosen the right colours, and whether or not they work with one another. This is one of the primary reasons behind people reaching out and contacting professional interior design professionals. Here at The L&C Company, we have designed and project-managed work throughout an array of different properties, all of which have been resounding successes. If you are struggling to come up with fresh design ideas regarding the colour scheme for your modern home, we are pleased to offer some insight into the matter.


If you are someone that appreciates a minimalist approach to decorating, adopting the tonal technique could be the perfect route to go down. In essence, this is a method which entails choosing a single base colour for a room, and then using lighter and darker tones, where appropriate, for the accessories. A perfect example would be to have a bedroom with light, beige-covered walls – you would subsequently ensure that the bedding would be a darker shade, perhaps grey, whilst the carpet would be a pristine cream. By using a tonal colour chart, you will be well on your way of creating a luxury interior.


Some may refer to this as using earth-esque colours, whilst others simply call it natural. Whichever name it goes by, the main thing to understand is that in order for this method to be successful, you need to use a variety of darker and ‘basic’ colours. Primarily, you will want to utilise a grey for your walls, as its neutrality is a fantastic building block. Following on from this, it is advisable to ensure that your furniture and accessories follow a sustainable theme. For example, look to bring in wooden accessories and traditional pottery – these will aid in bringing the room together.

Modern Hue

A lot of the main concepts of interior design is about trying to achieve harmony, which is what is suggested by this colour scheme. There are some people in this world that believe that the best way in which to make a statement with a room is by decorating it in extreme, contrasting colours. However, as any luxury interior designer would tell you, complementary styles can be just as effective. This is comparable to the tonal method, but is distinctly separate due to the broader range of selection options that you have – you are not forced to stick to one particular colour.


Whilst it can be said that the name itself is slightly inaccurate, the point still stands that the international colour scheme is extremely effective when adopted in the modern home. Luxury homes often contain imports from around the world, giving a more cultural vibe to the property. Although these can come in a whole range of colours, often they are recognisable by the vibrancy of the choices. Pink, yellow, red – these are all shades which will instantly stand out to guests, and allow your room to have a voice and express itself.

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Have you been trying to find a renowned interior designer in Kensington that is famed for their attention to detail? As far as design specialists go within the West London area, few are able to match the prowess that the team here at The L&C Company exhibit in the field. No matter the project presented to us, we guarantee that we will create a home which is the envy amongst all those that visit it. If this sounds appealing to you, why not go to our website’s contact page and get in touch today?

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