Many people are unaware of how many different types of projects that interior design companies are able to work on. Often, it is assumed that these designers will simply decorate someone’s home and add a few accessories into a room, but the industry is so much more than this. These days, interior designers work in several different sectors and the work they complete impacts peoples’ lives more than they realise.

Whilst the majority of interior designers will focus their knowledge in one area, others may expand this to be able to offer various services. Often, interior design companies will have a range of different designers that enable them to offer support in different sectors. If you’re wondering what sort of properties and projects that interior designers are able to work on, keep reading today. Below, we have covered some of the most frequently undertaken projects.

Private residential properties

A large proportion of interior designers will have worked for private clients undertaking large refurbishment projects in high-end residential properties. There are specific luxury interior design companies that will specialise in this particular sector of work.

It isn’t uncommon for some designers to work in architecture and interior design too and be a part of design and build projects. They will be involved in the early stages of the design process for a property and work all the way through to placing the finishing touches to each room.

New build properties

Lots of interior designers will also work closely with developers. It isn’t uncommon for them to be brought in to work on the interior of showhomes. It is their job to make them appealing to potential buyers so that they go on to purchase a property in the developers’ estate.

Often, high-end interior design companies will also work on prestigious multi-dwelling developments too. Again, they will work closely with a developer on the whole property to not only entice buyers but to also ensure the whole property is designed as one.

Investment properties

Sometimes, property consultants may also advise investors to work with interior designers to ensure that they make a profit on a property they’re purchasing. These are often huge refurbishment projects and a property will need to be completely transformed.

It is actually quite common for property consultants and interior designers to work closely together, especially when it is regarding investment properties. Many people are surprised how much of a difference an interior designer can make to the price and kerb appeal of a property.

Commercial properties

You may also find that interior design companies offer services for commercial properties. They will work alongside architects and specialists in industries such as hospitality, retail and leisure. Whether it is designing a cocktail bar or a spa, interior designers can be very helpful.

As far as retail is concerned, experienced luxury interior designers are also sometimes commissioned to work for home stores or furniture outlets. They will help them to create home-like showrooms, showing off their stock in the best light to customers.

Working with an interior design company

Ultimately, the services that are offered by interior design companies are incredibly versatile and they tend to cover a vast range of sectors enabling them to assist as many people as possible with their knowledge and experience. If you have a particular project in mind and you’re wondering whether an interior designer may be able to help you, it is well worth asking, you may be surprised as to the services they can provide.

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