When working alongside an interior design company to create a new luxury home interior, you may find that it can be quite difficult to express all of your thoughts and ideas and, it goes without saying that this is integral to getting the design right. Due to the importance of being able to portray these basics for your luxury home interior, it may be recommended that you create an interior design mood board.

A mood board is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your thoughts across to a designer and you can guarantee that it will help them to get a feel for the type of luxury home interior you want. Interior designers frequently use these mood boards themselves too and you can guarantee that they will be an important part of the design process. If you have never created a mood board before and you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips to help you.

A picture speaks a thousand words

As cliche as it may sound, it is very true and any inspirational images you’re able to include in your mood board can really help. If you have any pictures of other luxury home interiors that you like, adding these to your mood board will help explain the overall style you like as well as any specific trend you’re interested in.

Don’t be afraid to make the board 3D

Often, people will add scraps of fabric or other small items to their mood board too. By making the board 3D you can begin to explain what textures, accents and any accessories you’d like to include in your design too. Something like a small flooring cut off, a section of wallpaper or even a necklace chain, can help explain your ideas to an interior designer.

Highlight important aspects of design

Whilst mood boards are commonly used to help express an overall feel for a luxury home interior, it can also be beneficial if you highlight any aspects of the design that are important to you. Choose a few signature objects to focus on that help convey the concept the best. This can prevent things that are important to you from getting lost or overlooked.

Jot down notes of the board too

Even though a mood board is designed to be visual and without notes it may make perfect sense to you, a few notes can help you communicate your ideas to someone else. A simple side note can help explain an image or a few general notes will help walk someone through the whole luxury home interior design. Feel free to add any information that is useful or inspiring.

Use different boards for different rooms

Lots of images, 3D pieces and notes can quickly become messy, overwhelming and often quite confusing. For this reason, if you’re redecorating the whole house, it is beneficial to make your mood boards more specific. Using a different board for each room will help you to prevent any confusion and ensure that you’re being clear with your ideas.

Include any brand and/or designers you like

If you have been looking into brands and designers for your luxury home interior, don’t be afraid to include these in your mood board. Interior designers have in-depth knowledge of luxury interior design brands, so it is likely that they will know the brands you mention. They will also know the style of these brands so this can help them get a feel for what you like.

Creating an interior design mood board

Hopefully, the tips above will be beneficial and they will aid you when creating a mood board that will, in turn, help you to ensure that your interior designer understands what you’re looking for with your luxury home interior. Remember there are no rules when it comes to putting together an interior design mood board and you can make it as creative as you like. Whatever information you can give to your interior designer, this will really help.

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