It is fair to say that, for the majority, the living room is one of the areas where they spend most of their time when at home. It is more than just a space to watch television, it is a haven for relaxing and somewhere to spend time more informally with family and friends. For this reason, many homeowners make their living room the first room they redesign when they move into a property and a lot of time and effort will go into making this space perfect.

No matter what size or shape your living room may be, there are many things that you will need to consider when designing your dream living room. So, to help anyone currently starting this process, our team here at The L&C Company have put together a list of things to think about before painting the walls or purchasing the furniture. As an experienced interior design company in London, you can trust we will cover all of the basics.

What don’t you like about the current design?

This is always the best place to start when you’re redesigning a room. By making a list or highlighting any specific things you dislike about the space currently, you can ensure that they are definitely changed in the new design. Consider what it is about these things that you don’t like too, this can make the whole design process a little bit easier.

Does the room need to be multi-purpose?

Whilst many people simply have their living room as an area where they can relax, it isn’t uncommon for this room to be multi-purpose. Sometimes, homeowners will have separate areas within one room, for example, a dining table or an office space within the living room. Ensure you know exactly what the purpose of the room is before you start designing.

What furniture is essential in the space?

Once you know the purpose of the room, you can start to list which pieces of furniture are absolutely essential. This will allow you to start thinking about layout and where these items of furniture will be best positioned. By starting with the essentials, you will be able to ensure that they aren’t forgotten and that the room meets your needs.

Do you have a colour scheme in mind?

You may find that you know exactly what colour scheme you’d like in the space, especially if you want it to seamlessly flow into the rest of your home. But, if you’re redesigning your whole property or you’re just not sure, then an interior design company in London will be able to help in this regard. Make a list of potential options and also options that you’re really not keen on.

How much natural light do you get in the room?

Lighting is an integral part of interior design and too often it is an afterthought. Start by ensuring you know how much natural light comes into the room and where this light hits at what time of day. This will, in turn, help you to ensure you’re putting any artificial lighting in the best possible places. The last thing you want is a dull space because lighting wasn’t considered.

Have you got a budget in mind?

It is worthwhile having a rough figure in mind for your living room redesign, especially if you’re going to be working with an interior design company in London. It goes without saying that budget will affect the majority of your decisions when redesigning a space, so make sure you’re honest with yourself and realistic about your budget.

Designing your living room

Taking the time to carefully consider everything mentioned above when designing your living room will not only help you to ensure that nothing is overlooked, but it will also ensure you create a room that you love for many years to come. If you’d like some assistance with the redesign of your living room, our team here at The L&C Company are more than happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your redesign in more detail today.

As mentioned above, we are an interior design company in London and we specialise in creating luxurious and bespoke interiors for clients who have the highest expectations. Nothing is too much trouble for our team here at The L&C Company and you can trust that we will always go out of our way to ensure you are more than satisfied with the final design. So, why turn to any other interior design company in London?

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