It isn’t uncommon for one of the first things to be discussed when creating a luxury home design, or any other interior design for that matter, to be a colour scheme. Often, this will become the base of the design and what goes on to influence many other decisions further down the line. It is also usually one of the only things that a homeowner is sure of when it comes to their luxury home design.

When deciding on a colour scheme for their interior design, many will turn to popular trends for inspiration. Whilst the majority of trends in the interior design industry will change and evolve, as far as colour schemes are concerned, they tend to be popular for years as opposed to seasons. If you’re planning on redesigning your home and you’re wondering what some of the most popular long-term colour trends are in luxury home design, keep reading today.

Neutral colours

For many homeowners creating luxury home interiors, a neutral colour scheme will be their first choice. Neutral tones can provide you with a brilliant canvas to build upon and it is known for creating a warm environment.

From using light neutral colours like cream to accenting with darker shades such as taupe, your neutral colour scheme can still be contrasting. Many people also opt for a neutral colour palette because it has been used for many years now and it is a trend that isn’t going anywhere.

Monochrome palettes

When thinking of monochrome, many will simply picture black and/or white but, it can be so much more than this. If you choose a monochrome colour palette you can explore several shades in between these two colours.

This particular colour scheme is chosen for luxury home design due to the slick and sophisticated feel it brings to a space. Similarly to neutral colour palettes, it is also a brilliant base to build upon and it is also incredibly easy to adapt over time if required.

Rich earthy tones

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes darker colours can be used in luxury home design and rich earthy tones have become a popular trend. This colour palette covers everything from browns with orange tinges to darker greens and maroon tones.

Many people pair these rich tones with monochrome colours too and it may be that these rich earthy shades are used to soften black but bring life to whites. The amount of colour that is used will differ due to personal preference but it works incredibly well on all scales.

Pastel colours

The soft shades of pastel colours have been a popular choice for numerous different styles of interior design for the past few years and there are so many options within this palette. From dusky pinks to baby blues, no matter what your taste may be, there is something for everyone.

It isn’t uncommon for people to use pastel colours in combination with neutral tones to balance a space. Pastel hues can also make brilliant backdrops without causing a room to fall flat, they can easily bring texture to a space.

Bold accents

Whilst bold colours aren’t something you’d usually associate with luxury home design, they are actually frequently used as accent colours. It isn’t uncommon for whites and creams to be the predominant base and then bold colours used to bring a space to life.

From mustards and teal to crimson and magenta, when used as accents, brighter colours can add personality to a space. It isn’t uncommon for these bold colours to be used within patterns too to prevent them from being so overwhelming.

Choosing a colour palette for your luxury home design

Now that you know what some of the most popular colour trends are for luxury home design, you may find it slightly easier to choose one for your home. Of course, it is important to remember that this is a personal choice and what works well for one property isn’t necessarily the best choice for another property. You will have lots of different things to consider when choosing your colour palette so don’t rush this decision.

If you need some advice regarding colour palettes or you’re looking for an interior designer to assist you with your luxury home design, please don’t hesitate to contact the team here at The L&C Company. We provide a comprehensive interior design service and have the pleasure of creating luxurious bespoke interiors for clients who have the highest expectations. As a multi-award winning company, you can trust we are the perfect people to contact in this regard.

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