When debating about which room within the modern home is most important, there is an argument to be made for almost all of them. The living room, for instance, is likely to be where you unwind after a hard days work; the kitchen is where you prepare and eat your meals, as well as catch up with other members of your household. However, here at The L&C Company, we advocate that none of these can match the essential nature of the bedroom. It is for this reason that we believe you should spend much time and effort in revamping this; below, you can find just some of the features which would enhance it.

Four-Poster Bed

Whilst some of you may argue that this is a throwback to the past which is unnecessary, we believe that it will improve any master bedroom that it is put in. Though it might not quite have the same sleek curves which have been made popular by the minimalistic interior design trend, four-poster beds are still incredible. These will act as a focal point for your bedroom – the moment that you step through the door, your eye will immediately be caught by this. Add some throw pillows, and what you are left with is a finished article that is simply stunning.

Pendant Lights

Lighting is incredibly important within the bedroom, as it sets the mood and creates a certain atmosphere. This is a location in your home that is solely focussed on relaxation, and your choice of illuminations will serve to emphasise this fact. Provided that you have high ceilings. Pendant ceiling lights will go some way in turning your ordinary bedroom into one of extraordinary potential. Featuring copious numbers of modern designs for good reason, pair these with white walls and you are left with a recipe for success.


This is a rather broad category, and one which is open to interpretation – however, this is not to say that this is a bad thing. Your particular taste and preferences may, for example, mean that you like having various abstract portraits hanging from your bedroom wall. Alternatively, you might enjoy casting your eye over photographs of your loved ones. Whatever the case may be, these additions to your set-up will only ever serve to improve the overall aesthetics.

Walk-In Wardrobes

If you look at any bedroom design for inspiration that has been created in the last few years, you may notice that walk-in wardrobes crop up a lot – this is not a coincidence. Modern bedrooms are meant to exude convenience and style, and this is a feature that oozes both. They are fantastic when it comes to storage, and can easily be accessorised by including a floor-to-ceiling mirror. Any self-respecting design studio which has a wealth of experience will tell you that this is a bedroom design idea that you do not want to overlook.

The L&C Company – Here To Help

Have you got a design project which has recently stalled, and think that the best course of action involves bringing in help from a third-party? Do you find yourself routinely staring at designer bedrooms in catalogues, wishing that you could replicate the finishes that you see? If you are currently dealing with either of these scenarios, soliciting the services of The L&C Company could be the solution that you have been looking for.

We have designed luxury property interiors for more than sixteen years, which is testimony to our quality in the field. Having come from humble beginnings, working from one of our founder’s homes, we have since become a leading firm in London. Should you wish to find out more about what we can offer you, the telephone number to call is 01932 576445 – we look forward to hearing from you.

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