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When you first decide that you would like to go down the route of soliciting an interior design service, there will be a number of decisions that you must face. First-and-foremost, and arguably the most important of them all, is who you are going to collaborate with. Understanding how a designer works is vital, as this will help you to envision how the process will unfold. As some of the finest luxury interior designers in Barnet, the team here at The L&C Company are pleased to impart with some wisdom regarding some of the questions you should ask of prospective candidates.

What Is Your Design Style?

Anyone that takes pride in understanding architecture and interior design will recognise the fact that there are various styles prevalent in today’s modern age, and not all of them will be right for your home. If you are someone that appreciates minimalist design, for example, it would be unwise to opt for a firm which specialises in more traditional creations. Similarly, if you are attempting to create a period aesthetic within your property, a modern firm is unlikely to be the right choice.

How Do You Interact With Clients?

If you are someone that has no prior experience in taking on residential projects, you will unlikely be wanting to have much of a hands-on role in the design of your home. This is likely why you have chosen to utilise the services of a specialist interior design firm. However, some individuals enjoy working closely with their chosen company, in order to create a home that is meaningful to them. You may perhaps have some furniture designs which you believe to be imperative to the entire property; should this be the case, it is important that you vocalise to the firm that you would like to be heavily involved.

Do You Have A Strong Portfolio?

When you are trying to create spaces which are a delight to behold, it typically takes the assistance of a design practice that has been involved within this line of work for many years. Prior to signing a contract with any company that you are considering hiring, it is wise to ask if you can view a portfolio of their past projects. This will give you the opportunity to gain some insight into the types of results which they have achieved in the past – any firm which is proud of their past work will be more than happy to oblige.

Have You Got A Network Of Contacts?

Companies that believe themselves to be leaders within the field of interior design are often those that recognise that this is a multi-staged process. By this, we mean that it is important to acknowledge that not everything can be achieved through a solo effort. When you are looking for the firm that is perfect for you, it is advisable to inquire as to the state of their support network. This will provide you with an understanding of the types of furniture suppliers and decorators which they tend to utilise.

Need Some Assistance?

Are you trying to find an interior design firm that comes highly recommended by all those that have used their services? Do you live in a country house, and want to completely overhaul the design which is currently in place? If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to either of these questions, the chances are that you could stand to greatly benefit from soliciting the services of The L&C Company.

Our past projects include both commercial projects and residential properties, giving us a wealth of experience which can be put to good use, for you. To educate yourself more on what our services entail, we ask that you reach out using any of our website’s listed contact methods.

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