Investing is a process that everyone will experience in one way or another during their lifetime. For some their best investment will be a car or house, others it may be multiple domestic properties but for a select few it’s a handful of prestigious, multi-dwelling developments or large refurbishment projects. No matter the size or space you have to work with in your chosen property, being able to create a luxury interior and proudly display it to your visitors, is an art in itself.

To help you understand and visualise the full potential of your home’s luxury interior; before making any big structural changes, it’s time to bring in the only professionals with the extensive experience and the undeniably recognisable eye for detail that are the perfect fit for your project, we are The L&C Company.

The Wealth of Experience that can’t be Missed

Back in 2005, two lifelong friends made the decision that it was time to share their passion for interior design together, so to do that they established their very own business and haven’t looked back since. Having travelled across London, the home counties and internationally, The L&C Company has provided their exquisite services in luxury interior design to individual property owners, property consultants, architects and other industry experts, whom all harbour a multitude of tastes and expectations when it comes to creating a completely unique interior design to tell the story of their specific property. Why not see for yourself?

Look Below the Surface

The way to a successful project completion; no matter how simple or complex, is greatly down to the planning and design preparation and without this we are at risk of not fully satisfying our clients. With that in mind, The L&C Company starts every single professional relationship with an in-depth discussion where our clients can tell us their wishes and visions of how they want their luxury house interior to look but also the type of atmosphere they are interested in creating at the same time.

The next step will be to form a thorough plan incorporating the expected timescales and meetings along the journey to delivering your dream luxury house interior, which will allow both you and our experts to plan our daily schedules in the meantime.

Creating luxury Like no Other

Just like white glove and silver service precision in the finest dining establishment, luxury interior design is the dedication of undivided attention to every single detail that can impact the entire flow of a room; or even the entire property, if not executed correctly. Dependant on the architectural design of your property, The L&C Company will use this to their advantage to enhance the individuality and character it possesses by focusing on the spatial planning, bespoke furniture design, lighting, window dressings, paint colours, wall coverings, soft furnishings ad artwork.

Once we have a clear understanding of the theme and interior design you wish to create in your property, a final presentation will be assembled comprising fabric samples, images of furniture and a proposed final price in which you; as the client, will then have the opportunity to agree with the scheme or adjust it as you see fit. After this, all of the hard work is then up to The L&C Company to handle; so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any of the logistical details.

How Can The L&C Company Help you?

As a business, The L&C Company has been creating luxury house interiors for over 15 years, in this time we have produced some of the most admirable interior designs from contemporary and modern masterpieces to elegant, classic and traditional treasures. 

So if you want to shape the luxury house interior you have always dreamt of in your existing property, then please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1932 576 445. Alternatively, our email is available to use at your disposal and we will get back to you promptly to arrange a convenient time to discuss your enquiry for your luxury house interior.


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