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Interior design consists of various branches of thought, all of which advocate that you go in a particular style-driven direction. Some individuals prefer to be elaborate and complex in their designs, flooding their rooms with items which, whilst having an element of beauty, do not work in harmony with one another. Here at The L&C Company, as prestigious luxury home architects, we believe that less is more – it is for this reason that we advocate that people should try out a minimalist home design. Should you wish to learn how to make this a reality, allow us to explain a little more.

Few Furniture Pieces

As is to be expected when trying to create a minimalistic look, it is important to keep the quantity of furniture down to the basic essentials. Work out the typical number of guests that you will have in your home, and use this to calculate the total number of seats needed. Gone are the six-person mega-sofas which act as a centrepiece for a room, followed by stylish-yet-uncomfortable armchairs which are dotted around. Instead, aim to keep the number of furniture pieces within your home to a minimum – you will be amazed at the amount of floor space which is freed up.

No Clutter

This refers to any-and-all flat surfaces within the home. From kitchen worktops to bedside cabinets, chest of drawers to coffee tables – a minimalist home is not the place to have papers and rubbish scattered around the place, as the effect is completely ruined. You should note, however, that having a smattering of personal effects around your house is not only perfectly acceptable, but also encouraged. Due to the sparseness in which they appear, things such as family photos have a more profound effect, and will certainly stand out to your guests.

Neutral Colours

If you are someone that is trying to fully embrace the minimalist aesthetic, you must be prepared to be rid of any-and-all bold colours that may line your home’s walls. Should you opt for bright shades, you will unfortunately suffer from a detraction of the effect which you are trying to create. This is not to say, however, that you have no room for expression – for example, by utilising the tonal technique, you can use a variety of shades to create a layered atmosphere.

High-Quality Items

Whilst it is true that a minimalist home contains few possessions, it should not be forgotten that this does not mean that you cannot splash out on higher-class items. The phrase ‘quality, not quantity’ is very apt in this situation. Luxury home designs often consist of expensive furnishings, simple-yet-sophisticated pieces of art, and accessories which are unique – all of these are things which you can enjoy in a home that stays true to the minimalist way of thinking. When you are trying to create your custom home interior, do not forget that you are trying to build a space which is enviable to all those who behold it.

Need More Information?

A design team that has a meticulous attention to detail, a studio which consists of the finest equipment on the market, a portfolio which is overflowing with success stories – these are all reasons behind what makes The L&C Company one of the most highly sought-after interior design firms in the London area. To us, it matters not if you need assistance in planning, designing, or executing; we simply care about assisting our clients. We are also more than happy to chat through prospective projects with potential clients. You simply need to follow the instructions given on our contact page, and you can chat to one of our fantastic representatives

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