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Choosing a material for your floor can be extremely difficult. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, including the budget that you are working with. This is not helped by a market which is saturated with options, some better than others. Should you be trying to decide on how to make your home appear more sophisticated, but are unsure of which direction to go in, you will be pleased to hear that The L&C Company is here to lend a helping hand. Our advice on how to improve living spaces is second-to-none; if you don’t believe us, we ask you to continue your reading below.

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to flooring which has always been a firm-favourite of those entrenched in high-class and luxury living, it is hard to look past hardwood flooring. In terms of price, it is certainly only a viable option for those that have a large budget. However, it is an investment that is worth making; in terms of durability, few options are able to compete. It is important to recognise that this is not only an option which is functional – thanks to the sheen which is created by its varnish, it is also extremely stylish. If you appreciate the world of interior design, you would be wise to choose hardwood for your home.

Bamboo Flooring

In recent years, environmentally friendly options have seen a spike in popularity, due to the emphasis that has been placed on ‘green’ initiatives. Within this sub-section of flooring, bamboo has become highly sought-after. Its versatility means that it comes in various styles – most recognisable are the engineered and artificially crafted plans, and the more basic strips. With either, you will be able to enjoy versatile and aesthetically pleasing grains which truly add to the beauty of a room. Similar to hardwood, this is also an option that is strong, meaning that you won’t be looking to replace it in the near-future.

Travertine Tile Flooring

Should you be someone that appreciates a more rustic and traditional appearance to their home, look no further than travertine tile flooring. Those who are appreciators of interior architecture will be pleased to hear that there are a plethora of colours to choose from, meaning that you can fit them around your existing decor. Those who are concerned about their properties resale value will be pleased to hear that this is an option which increases value, thanks to its stylish nature.

Marble Flooring

Arguably one of the finest flooring materials on the market, marble has always been associated with those that live a life of sophistication. Whilst there is certainly a hefty price-tag attached to this type of material, you will be hard-pressed to source an alternative which can match its ability to captivate a room. You will be pleased to hear that thanks to its glossy finish and non-porous nature, maintenance required on marble flooring is minimal. For those of you that, for example, live in West London, this is the perfect way to finish off your home’s most important rooms.

What Can We Offer You?

When you come to The L&C Company, not only do you have the chance to work with one of the most experienced, and highly-regarded, interior design firms in South Kensington. You also have the opportunity to tap into a level of specialist-industry knowledge and expertise that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Our interior design service is all-encompassing, and we look forward to working closely with our clients, in order to achieve first-class results. Why not, if you are interested in our services, go to our contact page and begin the journey towards a better home today?

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