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When decorating your home, unless you’re experienced, you will probably be unaware that almost every decision you make will fall under a specific design trend or style. These days, many homeowners will automatically make decisions that are directly influenced by contemporary interior design and for many years now, this has been a favoured aesthetic by the majority.

Unlike almost all other interior design styles, contemporary design is constantly evolving and as the name suggests, this style is heavily influenced by current trends and what is happening at this moment in time. Contemporary interior design also tends to borrow elements from other styles and this is what makes it so popular. If you would like to make some home improvements in this specific style, below are some tips given by team of contemporary interior designers in London.

Stick to neutrals colour palettes

Neutral shades are at the heart of contemporary interior designs and this is probably the most well-known feature of this style. Neutral colours, such as whites and tans, should make up the bulk of your design and try to avoid using too many accent colours. A tip for bringing your neutral colour palettes to life is to use a variety of textures.

Allow natural light to flood your home

You will also find many properties that are influenced by contemporary design will aim to let in as much natural light as possible. There is no denying that lighting is an incredibly important part of any interior design but, especially so with contemporary interior design. If you’re unable to increase your amount of natural light, focus on ambient, accent and task lighting instead.

Make the most of how accessories can change a space

When you enjoy contemporary interior design accessories are a brilliant way to stay up to date with this continually changing style. It goes without saying that accessories are easy to update and replace, yet they can make such a huge difference to the overall look of a room. So, take advantage of this and smartly accessorise your home paying attention to detail.

Try swapping to hardwood flooring

There are numerous benefits to hardwood flooring over carpet and when opting for a contemporary interior design, it is a brilliant choice. Not only does hardwood flooring look sleek but it can also be a brilliant way to connect different rooms in your home. Allowing the hardwood floor to flow from one room to another can make the space feel bigger and more open plan.

Soften and warm-up every room

Whilst this may sound quite strange, it is fairly simple to do. Using natural colours will automatically start this process for you but, you can aid it with things such as rugs, plants and heavy textured fabrics. You want the design to be neat and purposeful but, you can soften a space and add warmth without making it too fussy.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

It goes without saying that it is easy to look at the bigger picture, but when undertaking home improvements with contemporary interior design in mind, focus in on the finishing touches. Don’t overlook the smaller things, like hardware finishes. These can make a big difference to how expense a room looks and how professional the interior design comes across.

Undertaking home improvements

Hopefully, the tips above can provide you with some inspiration when it comes to redecorating your property. Of course, if you’re looking for experienced contemporary interior designers in London that can assist you with some home improvements, our team here at The L&C Company are the perfect people to contact. We can provide you with a comprehensive interior design service and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you further.

Since our company started back in 2005 we have had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects from bespoke new build homes to large refurbishment projects. We are incredibly proud of the many recommendations and repeat customer requests we receive and we can assure you that we will always exceed our reputation. You can trust you’re in the best possible hands with our team.

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