Were you to take a quick glance through modern homes, you would quickly discover a wealth of furniture that is, to put it simply, surplus to requirements. Realistically, you will have accumulated a large amount of clutter over the years, and have only recently come to the realisation that you have no-need for them. If you would like a few examples as to the types of pieces that you can get rid of without a second glance, you have come to the right place – The L&C Company is here to offer you some valuable insight.

Children’s Furniture

You might tell yourself that holding onto the furniture that resides in your child’s old room is an act born out of sentimentality. Whilst this might be true, this by no-means justifies keeping these outdated units for years on-end. In reality, this means that you are wasting an entire room on storage, which is nothing less than a waste. Were you to browse through a luxurious interior design catalogue, we guarantee that you wouldn’t spot any children’s furniture, and there is a very good reason for this.


If you are someone that loves to read in your spare time, there is every-chance that you would argue that your home would not be complete unless you had a bookcase. However, these pieces of furniture have slowly-but-surely seen their popularity decline, and this can be attributed to various factors.

For example, there has been an explosion in regards to the number of individuals that own e-readers. The knock-on effect of this has been interior and architectural design experts dropping bookshelves from their list of essentials. When you are attempting to create a bespoke and unique home, you certainly don’t need to spend excessively on a bookshelf.

Dining Tables

This is a point that is predominantly aimed at homeowners that are blessed with kitchen islands and other large worktops. These are entirely functional, and mean that traditional dining tables are rendered irrelevant. It is fair to say that there is an aesthetic appeal with these particular units; however, this does not mean that you should dedicate a large quantity of space to housing the table. Regardless of the decor that you currently have in-place, we promise that you will benefit from ridding yourself of your dining table.

Supplementary Sofas

Before you start to question what we mean by this point, allow us to explain – we are by no-means saying that you should throw away your high-end sofas that feature within your living room. Instead, we suggest that you turn your attention towards the sofas that can be found in your hallways; the same can be said for those which are looking out over your garden on your landing. Rather than keep these in-place, you could adopt a minimalist approach and enjoy the visual appeal associated with open spaces. In the long-run, this type of move could pay dividends time-and-again.

What Happens Next?

Speak to any of the best interior designers in London, and they will tell you that there are plenty of ways that you can try and transform your property into a home that you can be proud of. By focusing on your interior, and making improvements across the board, you can boost the value of your domestic residence to new heights.

If you think that you can only achieve the results that you desire by hiring a third-party that is adept at overseeing design projects, it is hard to think of a better company to work with than The L&C Company. In no time at-all, we will facilitate major changes that will leave you completely satisfied.

If you don’t believe us, a call to our team on 01932 576445 would be well-worth your time.

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