Accessories complete a house interior design; they add a final touch and give the space a truly unique look and feel. Once you’ve got your furniture sorted, then the next stage is to choose which accessories you would like to incorporate into your space. Whether it’s a piece of fine art, or a stylish mirror, there are many choices when it comes to accessories.

At The L&C Company, our interior design team has written a short post that goes into depth on five luxury accessories you should consider for your home interior in 2022. Read below to learn more, and if you’d like to get in touch with us, contact us today via the details at the bottom. 


One of the best ways to add personality to your house is to purchase some decorative pieces of art such as a modern painting, an item of wall art or a sculpture. With art, there are so many different options so you’ll definitely be able to find artwork that suits your personal preferences, and complements your existing home design. For instance, you might want to get a vibrant, bold and colourful painting that injects energy into your home. Alternatively, you could go for a metal wall-hung sculpture that doesn’t take up any space and adds a modern touch. 


Another practical accessory for your home interior design is a rug. Nothing feels quite as luxurious as an elegant rug underneath your feet, providing you with warmth and comfort whilst you’re in your space. Rugs can come in a diverse array of patterns, colours, and styles, so there’s a lot of freedom and choice in this area. At the moment, vintage rugs are in fashion and popular with homeowners; they add a sense of history, style and sophistication to your space.


Furthermore, more and more people are buying green accessories for their homes, as they’re looking to create nature-inspired spaces that exude sustainability and eco-friendly practices. With this in mind, a green accessory that you should consider is a houseplant. Not only do houseplants make your home feel more pleasant to live in, but these plants also add a visual effect that stands out and draws people into the space. Finally, a houseplant will also ensure that you have a fresh scent in your space. 


Undeniably, the most popular accessory to get for the modern home in 2022 is a mirror. Mirrors are versatile; they serve a wide range of purposes in a home space. Of course, they’re used for maintaining your personal image throughout the day. But alongside this, they’re also a way to maximise a room’s lighting and make the space feel bigger too. 


Finally, if you haven’t got enough accessory ideas already, another choice that you must consider is the introduction of luxury candles to your space. Candles will illuminate your home, adding natural light that is inviting and welcoming. Not only this, but many candles also come with a gorgeous scent which adds to the ambience and atmosphere of any room. 

Want to Work With Luxury Interior Designers in Surrey?

If you would like to upgrade your home with specialist luxury interior design, then The L&C Company is the interior design firm that you should work with. Our designers can incorporate a diverse variety of home accessories into your space, elevating it and bringing a new dynamic that makes your space feel special and pleasant to be in every single day. 

We have years of experience in luxury interior design, so our team can advise you with confidence from beginning to end. Our specialists have lots of expertise, which you can ensure that your job is in the safest hands possible. We can suit your needs and requirements with a unique, individualistic approach that ticks all of the boxes you have. 

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