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Over the past twenty years, interior design services have become highly-sought after, and for good reason; the home is now seen as a reflection of a person, and as such the design is incredibly important. People now understand the importance of creating and maintaining a property which is pleasing to the eye. One of the most important decisions to make in regards to this is the type of material which is used for the carpeting. With years of experience in this field, the team here at The L&C Company are more than happy to provide you with a guide to some of the most popular options currently on the market.

Woolen Carpets

If you are searching for a carpeting solution that has a storied history, and has been the option of choice for households for many centuries, then wool is the perfect choice for you. When it comes to maintenance, this is a type of carpet which is relatively straightforward to clean, meaning that you will no-longer need to spend countless hours scrubbing. The fibres which are included in these ranges of carpets are closely knit together, meaning that they are incredibly strong. Not only this, but the aesthetic appeal which they exude mean they are a staple of luxury interiors up-and-down the country.

Linen Carpets

Should you be about to embark on an interior design project, and wish to have a carpet which is striking to look at, you need look no further than linen as the ideal material. One of the primary reasons as to why these products have experienced a spike in popularity is the vast number of colour schemes which can be chosen from. Thanks to the ease at which linen can be dyed, the number of design ideas which this material presents is second-to-none, You will easily be able to transform your living space, and create an atmosphere which oozes style-and-sophistication.

Silk Carpets

Although many believe that silk is a material which is best reserved for usage in a rug, interior architects have noted the possibilities that open up when using silk carpets. By far the most luxurious material on this list, silk is often regarded as an extremely soft and luscious fabric. If you have access to an abundance of natural lighting, you should not overlook the installation of a silk carpet – the shine which can be achieved will be sure to dazzle and delight all those who cast their gaze upon it.

Cotton Carpets

For those of you that are operating on a slightly stricter budget, we would suggest investigating the possibility of having a cotton carpet installed in your home. This plant-based option is extremely durable, and will ensure that you will not need to look into purchasing a replacement for years to come. Interior designers and interior architects alike recognise the numerous benefits which are associated with this material. With a wealth of intricate designs that can be chosen from, this is by no-means a second-rate product.

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