Our bedrooms are the ultimate places for rest and relaxation, and the type of lighting that we choose to have in our bedrooms can greatly impact the way that our rooms feel. The choice of lighting and its careful placement is so important, and can completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom space. We spend so much time in our bedrooms, which is why we need to ensure that we are using the correct types of light in the right places; to make the best use of the space.

There are 3 main types of lighting that you can use in your bedroom; ambient, task and accent lighting. Getting a balance between these 3 types of lighting is key to having a perfectly lit bedroom – that feels cosy and relaxing, whilst also looking appealing and practical. Our team at The L&C Company want to explore with you these 3 different types of lighting options to compliment your bedroom, and how they can impact your space. 

We are luxury interior design specialists based in Surrey – helping clients create their dream homes and living spaces with our expert team’s knowledge, support and assistance. To learn more about the 3 different types of lighting options for your luxury bedroom space, visit our website for further information on our luxury interior design services. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the main source or sources of light within our bedrooms. This can often be a combination of both natural light from our windows or skylights, and artificial light too. Your ambient lighting makes up the majority of lighting in your bedroom, and provides an indirect general glow that lights up the entire room. Ambient lighting tends to be quite soft, and isn’t a strong and bright source of light that is directed anywhere in particular. It illuminates your entire bedroom equally, and isn’t too bright or focused on one specific area. 

This form of lighting tends to usually come in the form of ceiling lights that are facing down towards the floor, wall-mounted lights, chandeliers, and can also be added in the form of floor lamps. Your ambient lighting will create mood and atmosphere within your bedroom, and should be the first type of lighting that you consider when it comes to your bedroom’s lighting design as it sets the tone and feel for the room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is directional lighting that focuses on a specific part or area of your room that requires more light. Task lighting is used for areas in your bedroom that require specific focus; such as where you get ready and do your makeup, the areas where you read, or your desk where you work. Task lighting is there to aid you in these poorly light areas, and provide you with the light that you need to complete your tasks. 

Some examples of task lighting include reading lights, table lamps, desk lamps, and wall lights. Task lighting is super important to giving your room a warm and lived-in feel, and to provide your bedroom with additional decor and accessories. Your use of task lighting can completely transform your space, and make your room a lot more practical and functional for your daily use.  

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is often an overlooked type of lighting within bedrooms. Accent lighting is used to draw attention to certain areas of your room, or highlight features in your room. It provides you with precision lighting for those small areas that you want to draw attention to, and can make a huge difference to the feel of your room.

Accent lighting creates beautiful focal points and can give your bedroom a wow factor, especially when there are other forms of lighting already present in your room to layer on. Some examples of accent lighting include table and floor lamps, wall lights, and track lighting. You can use accent lighting to highlight a painting or a photograph on a wall, a shelf with your books on it, your plants, and any other area of your bedroom that you want to highlight. It is the perfect finishing touch for your bedroom, and will complete all of your layers of lighting perfectly. 

Team of Talented and Dedicated Design Experts

Our team of talented and dedicated design experts will be able to help you with every step of your luxury bedroom design; from its design to the procurement of furniture, to accessories and artwork ensuring that every part of your bedroom is complete. We work closely with our clients to understand how they wish for their homes to look and feel, and make this a reality. Everything from cushions to plants, table lights to bedroom scents will be considered; providing you with a space that is completely unique to you and has been designed to fit your way of living. 

Our Design Approach

When it comes to the approach we take when designing luxury bedrooms and homes, we ensure to provide clients with spaces that work for them and are designed using the highest quality materials and furnishings. We carefully select and manage the partners and suppliers that we work with, who provide us with the high-quality products and services which complement and enhance our own. By doing this we can be confident of providing clients with interiors that are everything that they wished for, alongside a seamless and luxurious service. 

Transform Your Bedroom With The Help of The L&C Company 

We are specialists when it comes to creating luxurious and bespoke interiors for our clients, for every room within their homes; whether you are just looking to renovate the bedrooms in your home, or your entire property then our expert team are perfectly placed to help. If you’d like to speak with our team at The L&C Company regarding your luxury bedroom design, please contact us today. You can use our online enquiry form on this page to submit an enquiry, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. You can also reach us by giving us a call on +44(0) 1932 576 445, or by sending us an email to design@thelandccompany.com

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