When you come to the conclusion that you have disposable income at your disposal, the first thing that you need to do is try and work-out what you should spend it on. Although you might not consider this to be the most exciting option in the world, the fact of the matter is that home improvements can offer fantastic rewards for years to come. 

Having worked on countless interior design projects since first opening our doors for business, here at The L&C Company we recommend that you should focus on revamping your home’s colour scheme. Below, you can find our take on the options that are worthy of featuring in your deliberations.


If you are someone that perceives the colour grey to be boring or dull, we certainly encourage you to take a moment to reevaluate your standpoint on the matter. The neutrarily of this, when applied to your walls, is not something that should be allowed to go unappreciated. With this, you no-longer have to worry about having clashes between your decor and your furniture designs. This means that you can remove some of the stress from your life that has previously been plaguing you.


For those of you that have been looking to inject an element of calm into their property, now might be a good time to take a closer look at some of the tins of blue paint that are currently circulating. It is the natural aura that stems from these that is truly worthy of note. Picture the scene: you are trying to make your bedroom somewhere that can help you to relax. When you are staring up at a ceiling that is a pure oceanic blue, we promise that you will drift off without any trouble.


It is safe to say that it takes a certain type of homeowner to go out of their way to purchase yellow paint – after-all, this is amongst some of the brightest options that you can find on the market. Whilst we would say that you should be wary about using this as a primary colour, the situation is markedly different if you are attempting to produce a stunning feature wall. If you fall into this category, a mustardy-hue could be just what you have been searching for.


Before we delve any deeper into this point, we should highlight the fact that white and cream are different. This is a mistake that plenty of people have made down the years, and we wish to try and help provide some clarity. With cream, there is not an overwhelming brightness which dominates the room. Instead, you can achieve a balanced atmosphere that will garner you compliments from guests on a routine basis – of that, you can be certain.

An Introduction to the L&C Company

Have you been mulling over your options for some time, and subsequently come to the realisation that you would benefit from some assistance from an interior design studio? Are you having a few issues when it comes to identifying an interior designer in Surrey that can cater to your needs? 

When it comes to interior architects that are a pleasure to work with, whilst also offering exceptional results, the only name that should spring to mind is that of The L&C Company. We have honed our interior design services over a number of years, and it is evident that we have improved no-end. 

Should you wish to make an inquiry about our capabilities, now is the perfect moment to write to our team directly at design@thelandccompany.com

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