Characteristics Of Luxury Interior Design

When redesigning a property, many will have a feel or a style in mind. From contemporary to art deco, there are many different trends and themes to choose from. Whilst homeowners may know the style they think they want, they often don’t know why it is they want this style or vice versa. This can make designing the space slightly more difficult and it is for this reason that many people use mood boards and inspirations to help them describe their ideal style.

These days, one design trend that is becoming increasingly popular is ‘luxury interior design’. This is probably one of the most complex styles to try and define which is why we thought it would be beneficial to look into the characteristics of this specific type of interior design. Whilst you may not be able to give luxury interior design a definition, there are a few elements that are shared in properties designed with this style in mind and below are the most common.

Bright and open spaces

You can expect luxury interiors to always feel bright and open, even if the floor space isn’t overly generous. From the colour pallets that are used to the placement of the furniture, the rooms are designed in a way that ensures they flow into one another, creating an open feel to the property. Lighting, both natural and artificial, also plays a key role in luxury interior design.

Custom-made unique furniture and furnishings

More often than not, because luxury interior design is so personal, the design will be made of unique furniture and furnishings. If you’re unable to find items that meet your exact design needs then a custom-made option prevents you from having to compromise. The quality of the furniture and furnishings in the property will then be exemplary too.

The design provides an experience

Ultimately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to luxury interior design, what may seem like a luxury for one isn’t necessarily the same for another. Usually, this comes down to priorities due to the fact that a huge part of luxury design is providing an experience. Often, people want to adjust their luxury interior design to suit their lifestyle and embrace their passions.

Rich materials and fabrics

The fabrics that are used throughout a luxury interior will be rich and inviting. They will look and feel luxurious whilst still adding something to the overall design. You can expect lots of different textures and patterns to be used, without compromising the sleek uncomplicated feel to overall space. Many will often use environmentally-friendly sustainable fabrics too.

Consistency in design

As mentioned above, rooms are often designed in a way that enables them to flow into one another. You can always guarantee that luxury interior design will be consistent throughout a whole property and no room will look out of place. All design elements will complement one another and this will create balance and harmony throughout a home.

Precision and attention to detail

You can guarantee that every small detail in a luxury interior design will be intended and nothing will be overlooked. Every element of design will be well planned, after all, it is often the little things that make the most difference in interior design. Everything from the legs of a chair to how the curtains hang will be thought through.

Creating a luxury interior design

Hopefully, the characteristics above can help you to make sense of luxury interior design. If you’re redesigning your property, you will now be able to highlight which characteristics of luxury interior design it is like you like and this will, in turn, aid the whole design process, ensuring that you end up with the home you had envisioned. If you would like to work alongside an experienced interior design company when transforming your property, please visit The L&C Company website today.

For over a decade now our team here at The L&C Company have been designing luxury interiors for our clients. We thrive as a company because we understand how important it is to truly listen to our clients’ wishes and you can rest assured that every design journey we undertake is personal and collaborative. We will ensure that you end up with the luxury home interior that you have always dreamed of.

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