When you consider the various rooms within your home, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which deserves to benefit from a refresh. Though the kitchen and living room are usually the first areas of focus, here at The L&C Company we believe that you should turn your attention to the bedroom. This is, after all, where you spend a large proportion of your time whilst at home. If you need any help relating to the furnishings that might be smart purchases, feel free to continue your reading down below.

Walk-In Wardrobe

For a number of years, free-standing wardrobes were considered to be all the range; they could be found in various different designs and styles, and were fantastic from a functional point of view. That being said, since the emergence of walk-in wardrobes, bedroom arrangement has never been the same. In terms of the impact that these can have within residential projects, it is hard to put a concrete estimation on their value. Visually, these are stunning installations that allow you to enjoy a new lease of life; not only that, but they can also be a feature which entice bids from prospective buyers.


If you have had the opportunity to walk into any top-tier property in recent years, you will have no-doubt noticed the use of floating shelves. In times gone by, these were predominantly found in utility rooms and other smaller rooms within residential properties, as they were viewed as innovative storage options. However, luxury interior design studies have begun to employ these eye-catching installations as something of a statement piece. You could, for instance, have a number of ornate decorate pieces arranged neatly on these for display, or have family pictures mounted upon these. Regardless of your intentions, this creative interior architecture opportunity is not one to pass over.


Of all of the places within your home that you could decide to put an armchair, it is understandable that the bedroom would be one of the last locations to factor into your line of thinking. Were you to take a moment to see what high-end design studios have to say on the matter, it would not take long for you to reconsider. Although you might not use this unit as much as one situated in the living or dining room, it can serve to act as a secondary focal point for the room alongside your bed.

Bedside Table

As the name suggests, this piece of furniture is specifically designed to be installed within your bedroom, and it is not difficult to see why this is the case. First-and-foremost, there is no-shortage of options in terms of styles; some are meant to look contemporary and modern, whilst others retain the rustic wooden appearance that is characteristic of older pieces. What will truly prove to be a blessing is the fantastic storage options that they offer. Within these, the drawers can provide you with space to put your necessities, such as medication and electronic devices.

We’re Here For You

Although it is certainly possible to gain a rudimentary understanding of high-end interior design relating to private residences by conducting Internet reading, in order to achieve the best-possible results it might be best to reach out to a company that is experienced in residential interior design. In this regard, you could do a lot worse than collaborating with The L&C Company. As a London-based firm that has worked on behalf of thousands of private clients, our advice could prove to be the difference between success and failure. You can learn more about the options that we have to offer by writing to our team directly at design@thelandccompany.com.

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