For many homeowners, the kitchen is considered to be their pride-and-joy. Day-in, day-out, this is where you will spend a large chunk of your time. Whether you use it as a location within which to prepare your meals, or you have a designated time that you and the rest of your family have a much-needed catch up, it is natural that you will want the space to be first-class. In terms of decorative options, the world is your oyster in this regard. However, any self-respecting luxury interior design studio will tell you that no-kitchen is complete until there is an island fitted. Here to explain as to why this is the case, are The L&C Company.

Child-Friendly Option

Although this might not be a factor which is particularly high on your list of priorities, it would be unwise to totally-disregard the fact that kitchen islands are excellent for when you have small children. These individuals, unfortunately, are prone to spillages whilst eating. Thankfully, the smooth worktop that comes fitted as-standard is well-equipped to deal with this problem. You won’t have to concern yourself about the possibility of stains, which should be a weight off of your shoulders.

Decorative Potential

Whilst this may not have been the benefit that initially sold you on the idea of investing in an island, you cannot ignore the way in which islands improve your decorative opportunities. The surface, if you so-desire, can be kept clear – this is perfect for anyone that likes the idea of adopting a minimalism trend. However, you can opt to go down a different avenue, and have various ornaments and pictures adorning your island. In truth, there is no right-or-wrong course of action; it is all down to personal preference.

Unrivalled Visuals

When you are compiling a list of the benefits that are associated with islands that are specifically-designed for the kitchen, it would be impossible to not draw your attention to the way that they look. It is the appearance of these units that initially gained them fame; to this day, award-winning kitchens are praised for their excellent use of an island. With a number of different materials that can be used, it is not particularly difficult to make your island personal and unique to you.

Healthy Amount Of Storage

At first, it is understandable that all of your attention will be devoted to the wonderful aesthetics that are possessed by kitchen islands. However, this is far from being their only selling-point. Case-and-point, these units are all excellent from a storage point of view. Provided that you find a retailer that works for you, you can take this opportunity to drastically improve your kitchen’s storage capabilities. Never-again will you have to be subjected to a room that is full of clutter. Instead, you can use the hidden cupboards to create a tidy and orderly kitchen.

Need Some Assistance?

Luxury living spaces are rather difficult to achieve unless you invest the right amount of time, effort, and money. When you look at private residences in top-tier magazines, you will notice that they are full of eye-catching statement pieces and incredible fitted installations, such as kitchen islands. If you are someone that would like to have the same type of features in your home, it is important that you speak to a design firm that has a reputation for creating amazing spaces. In this department, it is hard to look past The L&C Company. Our design style is one that can be regarded as ‘all-encompassing’ – to learn what this means in greater detail, feel free to drop us a message at

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