Picture the scene; you have been living at the same private residence for a number of years, yet have done very little in the way of making changes. This has led to your interior slowly-but-surely suffering from a decline in quality. Now that you have come to this realisation, you will no-doubt want to make an effort to create an interior that you can be proud of – this is where The L&C Company enters into the picture. The list below, courtesy of our experts, details some of the accessories that might be just the answer to your problems.


Part of the reason that mirrors are always on the receiving end of praise from luxury interior design firms is because of the number of different styles that can be found. Anytime you look through a catalogue, you will be granted the opportunity to browse through page-after-page of options. Some mirrors are ornate, with hand-crafted metal frames surrounding the glass. Others are slightly more simple, with only a timber outline keeping the glass in place. There is no right or wrong answer as to which is best; it is all down to personal preference.


There are some people out there that argue if you have first-class flooring in-place, there is no need to go out of your way to purchase a rug – we have a different opinion on the matter. This accessory demonstrates that you are willing to go the extra mile to upgrade your home’s interior. The attention to detail that is evidenced by your careful selection will not go unnoticed; if you were one of our private clients, we would strongly recommend buying one of these accessories.


If you were to take the time to research residential interior trends, it would not be long before you discovered the fact that pillows are not just there to serve a functional purpose. Whilst you will want the main focus to be on your furniture design, there is nothing wrong with sourcing a pillow that complements your sofa. In some instances, interior design practices deploy these accessories to act as something of a statement piece – when this happens, the results are incredible.


Having a little bit of greenery in your home is an excellent way in which to brighten up the place; houseplants are fantastic, as they literally breathe some much-needed fresh air into your property. Whatsmore, you are spoiled for choice in regards to what type of potted plant you want to have. If you are trying to inject some colour, roses are the clear-and-obvious option. Those of you that prefer long-lasting installations might prefer to obtain a rubber plant. Whatever your final decision is, architecture and interior designers will both agree that you are taking a step in the right direction.

We’re Here to Help

In case you hadn’t noticed, interior design companies are now common, particularly when you are looking for one that can service your needs in London. Naturally, you will want to hire an interior design studio that has been operating in the design industry for a number of years, and is subsequently able to call-upon a wealth of experience. In an ideal world, their residential projects will be multi-award winning, and they are renowned for the client support that they offer.

If you were to enlist the help of The L&C Company, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed – we meet all of the above criteria, and are experts when it comes to producing immaculate design solutions. If you call us on 01932 576445 today, we will be delighted to get started as soon as possible.

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