Luxury Interior Design Trends

At the turn of each year, much is made of the celebrations made by one and all. New Year is a chance to reinvent yourself, and make resolutions which will become a distant memory come the morning. However, although the first of January also marks the start of the new style calendar, and a shift in the landscape and focus of interior decorators, no matter the time of the year you always need to stay updated. Here at The L&C Company, we take pride in staying up-to-date with the latest trends. If you wish to expand your knowledge of the trends which have been dominating 2020, we are pleased to offer our assistance on the matter.

Grandmillenial’ Style

This is likely to be a phrase that is not part of your everyday vocabulary, so allow us to elaborate. At its most basic, this is a way of saying that vintage items are very much part of mainstream culture once more. Initially, this simply referred to clothing and other fashion accessories; however, it has now transcended this to interior design. Wallpaper prints which went out of style in the mid-twentieth century, what some would consider ‘archaic’ wooden wardrobes and dressers – there are just some examples of older items that have been given a new lease of life by the younger generations of today.

Curves Are In

Many people are likely sick of how often this changes, but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done. Year-in, year-out, it seems as if there is a constant transition between more defined and acutely-cut shapes, and those which have more of a curve to them – in 2020, it is the latter which is prevalent. Sofas, armchairs, living room tables; the list is almost endless. For those that didn’t already know, the curves give your rooms a softer and more welcoming feel, as opposed to their more harsh furniture counterparts.

International Imports

When it comes to where people want to go on holiday in the twenty-first century, many people respond with exotic locations such as the Far East. Evidently, this globetrotting lifestyle has been making its mark in the world of luxury home designs. More and more people are introducing vibrant imports from other countries, as a way in which to spice up their decor and deviate from normality. If you don’t believe us, simply look at the Chinese silk throws which are being draped over sofas, and little lanterns being tucked, almost hidden, in room corners.

Bold Is Best

It is important to stress that there is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a more toned-down, minimalistic colour scheme on your walls. However, we simply wish to bring to attention that, in 2020, things have moved forward. People are looking for more ways in which to make a statement, and what better way to do this than lather the walls in bold colours. Gone are the days where greys and beiges were the order of the day. Now, whenever you walk into a modern luxury house, you will be greeted by flashes of blue and red.

The L&C Company

As far as interior design firms go, you would be hard-pressed to source one which is able to match the skills and attention to detail that is evidently on display here at The L&C Company. We look to inject the same level of devotion to all projects that come our way, regardless of their size.

Whether you need help in planning and designing the intricate aesthetics of a complete residential development, or simply wish to utilise us to revamp your tired living room, we will achieve a first-class finish for you. If you have any doubts about this, and would like to discuss matters further, please feel free to reach out using any of our methods depicted on the contact page of our website.

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