Luxury House Interior With Flowers

If you were to spend a prolonged period of time studying interior design, it would soon become apparent to you that it is a diverse landscape. London-based properties, for instance, will often differ on their design depending on whether it is a private residence, or if it is public property. As such, it can sometimes be difficult to track what types of ideas and designs work. However, there are some elements which transcend property type – one such example of this is flowers.

Here at The L&C Company, we have extensive experience of producing innovative designs for private clients. If you would like to hear our thoughts on the best ways in which to utilise flowers within the home, feel free to continue reading.

Subtle And Simple

Whilst there is nothing wrong with occasionally going mad with decorations, sometimes it is best to keep things simple. For many years, tulips have been seen as one of the best ways in which to improve a residential interior, due to the bright colour scheme that they have. Regardless of whether you are in a family home or a studio apartment, brightening a room is always appreciated.

Use Layers

Although you typically see flowers kept in ornate vases, there is no written rule to say that this is the only way in which they can be displayed. It is extremely easy to use height to your advantage – by adding flower pots to shelves, you are able to sprinkle colour all around your rooms.

Fresh Is Fantastic

In the last few years, there has been a spike in the number of artificial plants being found within the home. In terms of luxury interior design, however, it is imperative to use natural materials – there is no true substitute for the real thing. It is important to remember that the aromatic fragrances that are given off by the flowers are an integral part of the overall effect.

Think Outside The Box

Those of you that have a vested interest in interior architecture, or consider themselves to be a budding designer, will understand the chicness that is attributed to using less than conventional items as accessories. For example, rather than getting rid of used glass bottles, why not use them as a place to store your smaller flowers?

Use All Your Rooms

In times gone by, flowers would only really be found in the more conventional locations – namely, the kitchen and the living room. Should you be trying to mimic an award-winning design within your home, it is important to utilise all available space – in particular, adorning your bathroom walls with flowers is a sure-fire way in which to achieve a first-class aesthetic.

Why Work With The L&C Company?

When it comes to sourcing a firm which has extensive experience in creating high-end interior designs, the first name that should come to mind is that of The L&C Company. Regardless of whether you are looking to simply revamp your dining room, or wish to completely renovate your home as part of an overall residential project, we are here to provide you with a first-class service. To speak to a member of our team in more detail regarding how we can be of assistance, we ask that you reach out using one of the contact methods described on our website.

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