Decorating your first home can be a particularly tricky task and can feel overwhelming to those not experienced with interior design. What at first glance can seem rather simple, often can turn into a difficult task with many feeling like they may not know where to begin. You might not be sure what colour scheme to choose, what pieces of furniture to purchase first and many other things that may be floating around your mind. 

If you are unsure about where to start, The L&C Company is pleased to be able to use our expertise to highlight what to think about when decorating your first home and give you a few key areas to consider.


There are many styles to choose from – contemporary, minimalist, modern, the list goes on. Choosing an interior design style for your home can be difficult and feel overwhelming when it is new to you. We recommend you start with thinking about what style of home decor and design appeals to you most when looking at other peoples homes and what style realistically suits you and your lifestyle best. If you choose a clear style to focus on, it will make the rest of the process a lot easier and more defined. 


Determining your budget for furnishing your home can be a task within itself. There are lots of things that will go into your budget including furniture pieces, accessories and lighting. You might want to consider breaking the cost down into areas – for example staple furniture pieces, rugs or carpets, and accessories. When you have set yourself an approximate budget then the fun can begin.

Colour Schemes

Do you prefer bright bold colours that contrast and clash with each other, neutral colours, or perhaps black and white? This will go hand in hand with the style that you have chosen for furnishing your home. Lots of light can make a small space look bigger and a room feel more open and welcoming, so keep that in mind when determining your colour scheme. Choosing your colours is essential to then picking what pieces of furniture and accessories that you want, and turning your house into that beautiful, luxury home you have always wanted. 

Staple Furniture Pieces

Starting with your staple furniture items can be often very helpful as it sets the baseline for your home’s which you can then build from. Staple furniture pieces may include beds, sofas, dining tables and other large essential pieces that you need. These items will make up a large piece of your set budget and give you a good baseline to work from when deciding on your accessories and other pieces.


Home accessories can include mirrors, paintings, rugs, plants, and other decorations and accessories to turn it from just a house, into a home. What you choose to accessorise your home with will depend on what style you have chosen and once you have all the other aspects mentioned finalised, choosing your home accessories shouldn’t be such an overwhelming task.

Are you Looking for a Luxury Interior Design Company in London?

Having operated as a design studio for a number of years, The L&C Company has helped thousands of clients to achieve the home interior of their dreams, and we would be honoured to be given the opportunity to do the same for you. 

If you are looking for a luxury interior design company in London or the surrounding areas, then you can get in touch with us today by calling on +44 (0)1932 576 445 or by emailing us directly at Our team will respond to your email as soon as possible, answering any questions you may have and discussing your needs in more depth. 


We want to give you the ultimate design that ticks all the boxes. We can work according to your first home plans, helping to bring your ideas to life with a stunning and state-of-the-art design. You can have complete confidence in our home and living design ideas.

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