Each-and-every year, interior design practices and trends come-and-go; none of these are necessarily better than the others. Instead, it is to do with the fact that people’s tastes change. That being said, it is safe to say that it is minimalism that has started to dominate the UK housing market. Upon closer inspection, this is more-than justified. Any seasoned luxury interior design studio will tell you that if you wish to remain relevant, this is the avenue to go down. Below, you can find some suggestions by The L&C Company about how to inject minimalism into your property.

1. Use Less Furniture

This should go without saying, but you cannot have your home overflowing with furniture – this would completely defeat the purpose. Instead of overdoing this, we recommend that you take this opportunity to make sure that the furniture designs are second-to-none in terms of quality. In an ideal world, these will be bold, and immediately catch the attention of people walking into your home for the first time.

2. Make your Walls Brightly-Coloured

You need to keep in-mind, when you are embarking on this type of journey, that you will be going-without decorative features and accessories on your walls. This means that you have to make a concerted effort to ensure that your home does not appear drab. One of the easiest ways in which to achieve this goal is to take advantage of colourful paints. Despite not being overly-complicated, it will result in you presiding over a design project that has you completely satisfied.

3. Take Advantage of Greenery

There is no-rule which stipulates that minimalist households can’t have greenery scattered throughout the house. If anything, these are accessories that you can’t do without going forward. Not only can these brighten up certain rooms – they actually offer fantastic health benefits, such as freshening-up your home. In our humble opinion, you would be better-off keeping these relatively small, so that they don’t dominate the space. Rubber plants are a prime example of what to take a closer look at; there is a reason that these are routinely found in high-end private residences.

4. Utilise High-Quality Storage Methods

As the name suggests, minimalist homes do not have much in the way of possessions lying around. Picture the scene: when you walk into a kitchen, you should not be bombarded by the sight of utensils and other accessories scattered on the worktop. In order to protect yourself from this type of situation, your best-bet would be to implement innovative storage measures.  Depending on your budget, you might like to enlist the help of a property developer – they will be able to install hidden cabinets, for instance, that can hide your lesser-used equipment until such time that you have need of them.

Looking For Some Assistance?

Interior design companies are a dime-a-dozen in the modern world; the reason that we feel the need to point this out is because it highlights the fact that the design industry is experiencing a huge surge in popularity. In particular, residential interior design services are in high-demand at the moment, and this means that you have plenty of options as a private client.

If you have the financial resources, and subsequently find yourself on the lookout for a first-class design solution that you can be proud of, the number that you need to call is 01932 576445. This will subsequently put you in touch with a member of The L&C Company’s customer support team. Not only do we create interiors that are aesthetically stunning; we are also renowned for our meticulous attention to detail. 

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