When you are looking for an interior designer in Surrey to renovate your home in such a way that is eye-catching to all that behold it, you may be deceived into thinking that you need to focus predominantly on your decor. To some extent, this is true – however, it is important that you do not discount accessories entirely, as these can be used to tie a room together. Here at The L&C Company, we are more than happy to shed some light on which accessories you would be ignorant to not invest in.


Whilst this is certainly not an accessory which works in every property, if you have a home that is flooded with natural light, you should not discount investing in a chandelier. Though you may believe this to be counter-productive, the fact of the matter is that with the abundance of glass and crystal which is used in typical designs, you are able to create spaces that shimmer in the sunshine. If you were to browse through some of the finest luxury interiors in the country, you will undoubtedly notice that these are a staple feature, and for good reason. Award-winning interior architects will testify to their effectiveness when installed in a suitable location.

Terracotta Pots

If you were to consult with any firm that has taken on countless interior design projects, they would tell you that terracotta pots are a must-have in the modern home. Having an abundance of greenery within your home not only adds to the overall aesthetic appeal, but can also provide a wealth of health benefits to you and your family. Understandably, you will want to have your plant life in a first-class pot, and most will agree that terracotta is a material that is both durable and attractive.


Although you may believe that this is a relatively mundane accessory, we implore you to pause before making your final judgement. Professional interior designers are advocates of having clocks with quirky designs within residential projects, and it is not hard to see why. Not only do these serve as a functional item, as they allow you to tell the time with ease, but they also offer a focal point to the wall which it is placed upon. Should you be someone that wants to live in a home that is memorable to all those who visit it, this should be one of the first purchases that you make.


If you are someone that has spent an extended period of time ensuring that your base floor is made out of natural materials, you may believe that buying a rug is slightly unnecessary – this could not be further from the truth. Design firms will agree with the fact that these can act as excellent centrepieces. It is also worth noting that if, for example, you are contemplating installing a table within your living room, you can use a rug as a stylistic way to protect your flooring.

Why Choose The L&C Company?

If you are someone that has been searching for an interior designer in Surrey that’s past projects include private clients and family homes alike, the only name that should come to mind is that of The L&C Company. Were you to solicit our services, you would be able to provide us with colour schemes and basic specifications – from this, we will conduct design work that is bound to leave you smiling from ear-to-ear. For those of you that would like to learn more about our overall interior design service, please visit our website’s contact page. From here, you can speak to one of our representatives, who will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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